International flavour for Retail Breakfast Club

Sitoo’s widely respected Retail Breakfast Club has developed a truly international flavour with events in 2019 taking place in New York, and now Oslo.

The latest instalment of the event, which is designed to bring together like-minded retailers and help them understand new ways they can meet and exceed ever-changing customer expectations, took place at the Felix Conference Centre in Oslo at the end of March.

The topics covered were:

  • The digitalisation of physical stores on the customer’s terms
  • Everyday training for meeting customer expectations
  • The opportunities available by improving the digital dialogue with customers

The three speakers at the event were Jens Levin, CEO and co-founder of Sitoo, Tomas Pinås

Sales Director of Maze Feedback, and Truls Røise Partner & Commercial Director, Oculos.

Together, they gave attendees a deep-dive into the different retailers can work smarter with the digital technology available to them – providing a better customer experience as well as laying the groundwork for ensuring their stores stay successful long into the future.

Once again, the speakers at the Retail Breakfast Club highlighted the importance of using data, insight, and digital technology to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience for customers.

The key takeaway was, in the world of unified commerce, the retailers who win will be those who go the extra mile to deliver the experience their customers expect in every channel they expect it – whether that’s in store, online or in any form of communication they have with the retailer. If the customer experience begins in the physical store, it then needs to move seamlessly to a digital dialogue and vice versa.

Transforming the in-store and online customer experience is imperative for any dynamic, forward thinking retailer who wants to build a scalable platform for long term success. Sitoo have helped transform some of the biggest and most successful stores in the Nordics with a our cloud-based mPOS system. This has helped best-in-class retailers increase their average purchase value, increase turnover and increase store visits as well as helping them deliver a first-class experience to their customers.

The Sitoo Retail Breakfast Club is an extension of our offering and aims to bring retail leaders together to learn from industry experts. Details of the next event will be available on as soon as they are released, stay tuned.

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