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Empower your store associates to always say Yes!

Enable your store associates to become brand champions with the Sitoo Point of Service. Available on iOS and Android.

One Retail POS Solution - Many Possibilities

Sitoo POS is mobile first and responsive so whether you choose to keep your device mobile or station your device on a counter, it’s the same solution. Packed with unified commerce possibilities and complete POS functionality your store associates have all they need to deliver an ‘above and beyond’ customer experience.

By the Counter

With the POS as a native app and a cloud-native platform behind it – you can use all the power, flexibility and cost efficiency enabled by cloud-native technology. If required, standard hardware can be connected (cash drawer, scanner and printers).


The Point of Sale is a mobile app and gives you full flexibility to serve the customer anywhere. With digital receipts and contactless payments you can delight customers with frictionless shopping on the shop floor, at an event or in a pop-up.


The built-in self-checkout mode is the perfect line buster, pleases fast moving shoppers, and increases your average order value. Self-checkouts free up time for store associates to guide expertise-seeking customers and to carry out daily retail operations.

The Retail POS as a Native App for iOS and Android

With the Point of Sale as a native app you get a high level of performance making the POS fast, responsive and secure. The POS is mobile first, intuitive and feels like an integrated part of the device, giving store associates working with it, and customers interacting with the Self-Checkout a superior user experience.

Card, Cash & Mobile Payments

Partnering with market leading payment service providers, we offer a wide range of global and local payment solutions such as credit cards, mobile payments, digital payments, invoicing, down payments, omnichannel gift cards, store credit and more. To match retailers’ and their customers’ needs we are constantly adding new payment methods.

Designed for Store Associates

The POS is intuitive and requires little to no training – your associates pick it up and it works. Traditional Point of Sale processes and even more complex tasks are made simple and fast. Everything from cycle counts and receiving inventory to clienteling and checking inventory availability in other sales channels, are handled with the POS. The piece of cake interface enhances the experience for both shoppers and store associates.

Offline Mode & Security

Sitoo POS is built with leading technology resulting in the highest level of encryption, performance, and redundancy. The POS client can operate offline to secure sales during interrupted connectivity. With personal PIN-codes and multi-level access rights for specific POS processes, store associates only access the things they need. The risk for fraud is minimized with validated omnichannel returns and with all actions being logged.

The Evolution is Included

One of the major advantages with Sitoo is that improvements will automatically be available, making the POS continuously better as you use it. New features and functionality are made available for everyone through SaaS and there is only one version of the software. Development is driven by our passion for innovation and always together with retailers, making sure the solution evolves with advances in retail technology.

Retail POS Hardware

With the POS as a native app you can use standard hardware like mobile phones and tablets. The start up cost for standard hardware is comparably low and most of the costs relating to maintenance and field service are eliminated. We team up with market leading hardware partners to provide cash-boxes, label printers, scanners, receipt printers, and other stuff you need to run your store.

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Point of Service

With access to unified real-time data the Point of Sale becomes a Point of Service, making Store Associates a big part of delivering a Unified Commerce experience. Everything is controlled through the same app including assisted selling, stocktaking, retail insights and more.

Assisted Selling

Empower store associates with real-time product, inventory, customer and order information. Help them provide a better service, turn returns into exchanges, use the power of upselling algorithms and give them the ability to sell or reserve products from any store or distribution center.

Endless Aisle

With access to all stocks, associates can display the entire product catalog and sell products available in other stores or online, boosting the customer experience and maximizing opportunities for sales.

Enhanced Product Information

Enable your store associates to be as informed as your customers. Boost trust and loyalty by providing customers with enhanced product information and availability online or in other stores.

Upsell & Cross-Sell

With recommendation algorithms, access to customer order history and to all available stock, store associates can help drive sales, turn returns into exchanges and exchanges into upsells.


The 360° customer profile is an intuitive part of your POS. Thanks to trackable cross channel statuses, associates can access personalized offers and omnichannel customer order history.

Nearby Stores

Geolocation is used to identify and visualize nearby stores, helping store associates to provide great customer service. Other stores’ stock can be accessible or just visible.

Contactless & Digital Receipts

Empower your store associates with contactless payment methods and digital receipts. Together with mobile devices you can quickly adapt to different needs like social distancing, pop-ups or event shops.

Store Fulfillment

Give your Store Associates the tools to never miss a sale. Amplify your store fulfilment with cross channel fulfillment possibilities and give your customers what they want, when they want it.

Pickup In-Store

Get real-time alerts in the POS when a Click & Collect or a Reserve & Collect has been placed in the online shop.

Curbside Pickup & Payment

With mobile devices and contactless payments you can quickly adapt to the need for social distancing and curbside pickup.

Omnichannel Returns

With access to all omnichannel orders, associates can easily handle validated eCom returns in the stores.

Ship From Store

Turn stores into micro fulfillment centers or dark stores. Use stores to fulfill online orders or orders made in other stores.

Fulfill from Another Store

When associates have access to all stocks, they can sell or make reservations from stocks in other stores.

Order In Store

Through the POS you can let in-store customers place orders to any central warehouse, online shop or dark store.

In-store Inventory

With real-time data, automated processes, and built-in inventory management tools, your inventory is always up-to-date and accurate, giving your associates complete trust in the system.

Inventory visibility

A real-time view of all inventory allows you to access, track, move and manage inventory no matter in what store or warehouse it sits. You can maximize inventory availability and minimize excess inventory.


Apart from RFID, full or partial stocktaking has never been easier. Use the built in camera or connect a traditional scanner to your mobile device and do fly-by cycle counts to increase inventory accuracy.

Inventory Receiving

Use the Point of Sale to view shipments in transfer and manage partial or complete deliveries. When the delivery is accepted the inventory can instantly be available in all sales channels.

Ship to other warehouses

For improved inventory management it’s easy for store associates to prepare and handle inventory shipments to other warehouses directly on their mobile POS device.

Automated Warehouse Transfers

You can use specific reason codes for e.g. returns and reclaims that automatically triggers an item to be transferred to a specific warehouse. It will save you time and improve accuracy and insights.

Multiple Warehouses per Store

Use multiple warehouses per store to improve inventory management. Categorize warehouses and decide whether a warehouse should be available to other stores and channels.

Real-Time Insights

KPI Dashboard

To measure performance and boost teamwork, store associates can access a dashboard with real-time KPIs.

Customized Dashboard

Through the REST API you can import data from external systems to create and display customized KPIs.

Service Orders, Print Labels & Runner

Service & Repair Orders

There are increasing demands from consumers and other stakeholders, for retailers to run a more sustainable business. Service and repair tags make it easier for retailers to offer services to reduce their environmental footprint.

Print Labels from the POS

You can print labels directly from the POS using a Label Printer. Using your POS device to receive incoming goods and print labels as you do so, will save time and your associates will never have to leave the shop floor.


With the built-in runner functionality Store Associates can request help from a backroom runner to get the right product to a customer. The runner increases efficiency and associates never have to leave the customer’s side.

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“Sitoo was recommended to us and what impressed us the most was the clear, relentless focus Sitoo has on making software that’s perfect for retail and perfect for different markets. We want to have the same system in all our markets so it was also a big plus that Sitoo is compliant out-of-the-box in all the countries we have stores or plan to open them.”
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“We care about the customer’s experience in our stores. In this, Sitoo POS is an important piece of the puzzle.”
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