Sitoo’s speed accelerates Campadre partnership

Time to market, ease of implementation, and the ability to integrate with other systems – these were the key drivers for Campadre choosing Sitoo for their new in-store solution.

After Campadre’s owners, SDHJ Group AB bought Best of Brands, the first and largest online shopping club for companies and trend-conscious consumers, bought Best of Brands at the end of January 2019, they had just a couple of weeks to set up and open one of the largest multi brand stores in the Nordics.

They needed to find a POS solution they could implement quickly, that should be easy to use and have the ability to be integrated with their other systems. Joakim Dymling, Marketing & E-commerce Director at Best of Brands, says the speed of implementing Sitoo was one of the main drivers for Best of Brands choosing the solution.

“Time to market was essential for us,” he says. “From our very first meeting with Sitoo, myself and our CTO, knew the system could be implemented quickly. We had two and a half weeks to get everything ready so we had to move quickly.

“We also chose Sitoo because they are at the forefront of technology, the system is easy to use and to scale, and there’s the option to add self- and mobile-checkouts if we need to. What Sitoo is building is the future of how retail should be done. We can connect everything. All the APIs for integrations are there – for orders, CRM, shipments, payments and so on. It’s been very easy to set up, implement and connect to our system infrastructure.”

He adds: “From a customer point of view, we’re trying to achieve unified commerce so everything is connected and the customer has as much choice as possible. We want to be in a position where everything you can do online, you can do on the in-store vice versa. For us, every salesperson in store is like a personal shopper and, rather than just standing there behind the counter, our staff gives service to all our customers – this is also key in helping this happen.”

Jens Levin, CEO and founder of Sitoo, adds: “Our work with Best of Brands are proving of how quickly everything can move when the right team and the right focus are in place. Implementing Sitoo in two weeks is an incredible achievement both on the part of Best of Brands and our technical team. We’re excited by this partnership and looking forward to seeing it grow and develop in the future.”

brothers sitoo partnership

Brothers – Welcome to the family!

With Sitoo now live in all Brothers stores, we can’t wait to see how Brothers take their already exemplary CX to even greater heights.

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