Sharespine integrates with Sitoo to bring the Future of Retail to Life

Saving time, improving efficiency, boosting productivity and delivering a seamless customer experience all top the agenda for global retailers in 2019.

Forward-thinking retailers are looking to transform their stores and meet the new ways people shop while at the same time deliver a service which matches changing customer expectations and behaviours. Sitoo, one of the world’s leading and most powerful point of sales platforms, have made it their mission to help retailers revolutionize their stores, reduce their costs and turbocharge their growth.

That’s why the company is delighted to now be integrated with Sharespine, the leading platform for providing seamless integrations between systems – specifically systems supporting commerce. Runar Wahlgren, Director of New Business at Sharespine, says: “What we offer is called iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service) and we have now integrated the first mobile point of sale system to our platform; Sitoo.

“This means all our other existing integrated systems can now be integrated with Sitoo. Sharespine is happy to have Sitoo on our integration platform and it’s already up and running with our customers using it.”

Sharespine helps retailers integrate Sitoo’s point of sale system with other business systems such as finance systems, e-commerce and marketplaces. The integration between Sitoo and Sharespine helps the e-retailer to save time, improve their order flow, reduce manual operations and delivers whole host of business benefits.

These include synchronizing product information between business systems, updating price lists from a central hub, and sending stock balance information directly from Sitoo to an e-commerce or finance system.

Not only does Sharspine help reduce time consuming manual task it also helps significantly reduce the risk of errors within the business systems being used.

Carl Nilsson, Product Integrations Manager at Sitoo, adds: “We are happy to have Sharespine on board! Integrations are key when it comes to achieving unified commerce. Sharespine are doing a fantastic job in closing the gaps and offering an effective platform to tie all flows together. We are looking forward to many successful projects.”

Further information about Sitoo and Sharespine is available from and

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