Cykloteket rides with Sitoo

Bringing the joy of cycling to as many as possible while having happy, satisfied customers – that’s the idea behind Cykloteket.

From the young to the old, everybody rides the bike and it has become an increasingly popular way of commuting to work and enjoying leisure time on the weekends. The rise of cycling’s popularity – combined with a need to give customers a unified retail experience across all sales channels – were the drivers for Cykloteket choosing the Sitoo mPOS platform in late 2018.

Pontus Ericsson, a passionate mountain bike rider and vice president of Cykloteket, explains the need for high quality, a great service and a great experience, alongside having an omnichannel approach, were important factors in the decision making process.

We want customers to have fun with our bikes.

“We’re not about selling products,” he says. “Our main goal is to give our customers the best cycling experience, whether they want to buy a new bike, an accessory or learn more about cycling. We do our very best to give the customers a great experience, online and in our physical stores. Having an omni approach is really important to us.”

Cykloteket started their digitalization journey three years ago and were looking for a point of sale solution that was easy-of-use, built for store associates to elevate the customer experience. Sitoo was the obvious choice.

Pontus adds: “Many suppliers forget who’s using the products and systems. The store associates are the customers of the POS, which Sitoo understands. The system allows our store associates to spend more time with our customers, which is great.”

Our company is every star that meets the customer. The rest is packaging.

“We wanted a cloud-based system, with local support that could seamlessly be integrated with our other systems. Sitoo and our CRM system Voyado work perfectly together and provide a great customer experience.”

“What’s more, with the app it is easy to quickly find product information through a view of all layers. It’s also very intuitive and looks very similar to an e-commerce store, which we love. A traditional cash register system becomes more costly, with expensive, cash-specific hardware, hardware maintenance costs and ongoing consulting hours for software customization. With Sitoo, all that’s needed is a mobile or tablet. And all the updates are included free of charge because it’s a cloud-based, SaaS solution.”

Pontus describes the integration as a smooth ride, saying there was hardly any training necessary because the system is so intuitive and the store associates have been very positive to the change. Coupled with this, he says the fact that the app is flexible, easy to understand and gives store staff real-time information on availability in stock is a great advantage. Sitoo also works offline, something which proved invaluable to Cykloteket when they had a power outage.

Fast implementation and running costs substantially lower than competitors were also key to why Cykloteket were choosing Sitoo, to quickly transform the business in the best position to meet the challenges facing retailers head on.

Pontus concludes: “Retail is changing. The consumers of today are stressed out by the volume of decisions they have to make. Being able to offer a great customer experience and a personal connection to the store is invaluable, both for the customer and the retailer.”

“Sitoo is a supplier with visions and faith in the future. We chose Sitoo for where the company is today – and will be in a year. We are both problem solvers with a strong focus on the customer experience and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.”


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