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Claus Thykjær, Head of Retail at Hummel
Store Operations,

Putting the play back into retail with Hummel

We spoke to Claus Thykjær, Head of Retail at Hummel, to find out more about the secrets of their success and what the future holds for their ambitious brand.

Security in retail with Magnus Sparf
Store Operations,

Security in retail software with Magnus Sparf

Magnus Sparf, joined the team as our Chief Information Security Officer with a view to take our already robust security protocols to the next level.

Retail Trends,

Industry experts’ insight from Retail Technology Show 2023

RTS 2023 was a blast! We caught up with some of our brilliant friends like Mark Thomson from Zebra Technologies, Dean Frew from SML Group, and Joe Till from OneStock. Here’s their insights and what we learnt from RTS 2023.

Let's Rock Retail
Retail Trends,

3 takeaways you can't afford to miss from Let's Rock Retail

Retail was well and truly rocked with a special event that took place at the Hard Rock Hotel in the heart of Amsterdam, hosted by Sitoo together with OIL, Brink Commerce and Voyado. Here’s our top takeaways and three things we learnt from the event!

Takeaways from RBC
Retail Trends,

3 things we learnt from RBC Gothenburg

At our latest Retail Breakfast Club in Gothenburg, the dream team trio of Jens Levin, Johan Nyrelli and Bård Kvamme, took a dive into CX, adding value and how tech can help retailers change the game. Here’s our top takeaways and three things we learnt from the event!

Best of breed mindset
Retail Trends,

The best-of-breed mindset

Jens Levin, co-founder and CEO of Sitoo, sat down with Bård Kvamme Director of at premium Norwegian outdoor brand, Norrøna, to share their view on how state-of-the-art tech, a best-of-breed mindset, and unlimited flexibility are combining to change the face of retail.

Matthew Nudie
Customer Cases,

Retail laid bare with Nudie Jeans' Matthew Stone

Check out this awesome interview with Nudie Jeans’ Matthew Stone. We dig into sustainability, the importance of physical stores, and what the future of retail holds. You’re not going to want to miss this one!