Sitoo Retail POS

A cloud-based mPOS built for our new ways of shopping

Sitoo is the Point of Sales platform for retailers with high order volumes who are looking to sell everywhere and fulfill anywhere. Stay ahead of the competition and embrace the future today.

The digitalization of Retail

E-commerce makes up more than 15% of all commerce. However the biggest impact of digitalization is that traditional window shopping now has moved to our smartphones. What’s more, 70% of all commerce begins online – with customers looking up stores, viewing the stock status and reserving products.

Unified Commerce

With Sitoo POS, all sales channels are connected in real-time. The customers can access all stocks everywhere and choose where and how to have their products delivered. Product information, campaigns, pricelists, inventories and customer data are synchronized – giving true “Unified Commerce”.

Mobility & Assisted Selling

With the POS as an app for mobile devices your store associates can offer customers a frictionless shopping experience anywhere in the store. With enhanced product information and real-time access to all stocks, store staff is able to sell products available in other stores or online.


The Sitoo platform includes a self-checkout option making it easy for customers to pay for their goods and giving your ‘in and out’ shoppers a great experience. Self-checkout also free up time for your staff to provide an enhanced service for your customers on the shop-floor, often resulting in an increased average purchase order.

Simple-to-use REST API

The simple-to-use REST API makes it easy for third party services to integrate with Sitoo. These seamless integration with CRM, eCommerce, Payments, ERP and other systems result in shared real-time data across all platforms. The modern technology that makes up Sitoo POS enables fast deployment and a time efficient roll-out.

Integrated payments & Digital receipts

Partnering with market leading Payment Service Providers, Sitoo offers a wide range of payment solutions such as credit cards, cash, invoicing, gift cards, store credit, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Klarna, Swish, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and many more. The combination of digital receipts and mobile payment methods provides new possibilities and Sitoo constantly adds new payment solutions.

Manage multiple locations in one place

With Sitoo you can run a successful, global, multi-location retail business on a single platform. All product information and inventories are synchronized in real-time and available in all locations, giving consumers unlimited choice on where and how to shop. With Sitoo it’s possible for enterprise retailers to reach true unified commerce.

Inventory management with a smartphone

Sales associates can manage incoming deliveries, outgoing shipments and inventory directly on their mobile device. With Sitoo POS, stocktaking has never been easier. With an increased inventory accuracy store associates get more engaged, resulting in better control and cut costs.

Promotions & Campaigns

Promotion and campaigns can be time-controlled and prioritized so the customer always gets the best offer. With an integrated loyalty system, customer-specific offers are displayed directly in the checkout.


In Sitoo online back-office, management and trusted employees can set up and assign campaigns, organize products, handle prices, set taxes, activate integrations, administrate roles, create all kinds of reports and much more.


Sitoo POS is a native iOS app for iPhone or iPad. Whether you’re using a mobile device or stationing your iPad on a counter we provide everything you need to run your stores, through our market leading hardware partners.

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Built for high order volumes

Many of the retailers using Sitoo POS have hundreds of locations and substantial order volumes. Sitoo is built for enterprise retailers and makes it easy to scale the number of POS in step with seasons and campaigns.

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GDPR and legal requirements

Sitoo is adapted to the GDPR and legal requirements of different markets and among them the strict cash register laws of Sweden, Norway and Germany. Sitoo POS also supports any language or currency.

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Reliable platform with total security

Sitoo POS is built with top leading technology. The cloud-based platform simplifies implementation and maintenance. It operates on AWS with a high level of performance, redundancy and security.

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Sitoo POS offline

The POS client can operate offline, without Internet connection, limited only by functions that require online access (such as click and collect). This makes Sitoo POS robust in all normal sales operations.

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Upgrades at no extra cost

Sitoo POS upgrades, new features, new functionality and updated versions are included. Sitoo customers drive the development and you will automatically keep up with retail technology changes.

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Dedicated onboarding & support

A solution oriented team helps every new Sitoo customer with superior onboarding. Once Sitoo POS is implemented our Customer Success Managers and our expert support team are available as well as a support site with user guides.

Our Partners

Sitoo partners with leading technology solutions and expertise to meet our new ways of shopping. See our partners.

Success Stories

Nudie Jeans

”With Sitoo it becomes easy for us to open up new stores all over the world, synchronizing e-commerce and physical stores.”
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“We needed a modern, flexible system to support our omni flow, great technical support and a system where new features could be added easily. With Sitoo, we can synchronize all the stores and online and make sure you have the same information everywhere.”
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“With Sitoo, we’ve found a partner who match our own ambition and who could deploy their solution to all our 165 stores in four countries with speed and ease.”
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