Sitoo partners with GOC Retail to deliver next generation unified commerce for Global retailers

GOC retail in partnership with Sitoo

Sitoo, a world-leading cloud-native POS and unified commerce platform provider, announced today that they have partnered with GOC Retail to initially spearhead their launch into the Australian and New Zealand market.

Sitoo works with leading brands around the world, helping them achieve unified commerce through connecting all their sales channels in real-time.

Mats Gunnarsson, CEO of GOC Retail, says that the partnership offers a game-changing opportunity for retailers in the region.

“The future of retail digitization relies on being able to easily and quickly unify best-in-class technologies – POS, eCom, OMS and channel management, CRM, ERP and the rest of the vast omnichannel ecosystem.  With an “ease-of-integration” technical architecture strategy, the Sitoo POS platform has been developed to be the hub for the entire retail omnichannel environment. As a native cloud solution, Sitoo can be onboarded quickly and cost-effectively by a retailer, working the same on all devices whether they are tablets, mobiles or fixed to a counter”.  

“With GOC Retail’s strong pedigree of merging the digital and physical retail worlds, we see Sitoo as an outstanding option for retailers who are seeking to really accelerate their omnichannel capabilities and give a deep and unified customer experience. We are very excited to partner with a team who are as passionate about bringing this vision to global retailers as we are.”

Jens Levin, co-founder and CEO at Sitoo, adds: “We were impressed with GOC Retail from the get-go. There’s a real synergy between the two companies and, with our combined knowledge, expertise and experience we know we’ll be able to deliver true game-changing solutions to a much bigger market.”

About GOC Retail
GOC Retail is a provider of end-to-end technology solutions for retailers who want to achieve truly unified commerce across any channel, in any geographic location.

With a deep understanding of the full retail supply chain, GOC Retail blends this knowledge with cutting-edge technical capabilities and best-of-breed technology solutions to ensure retailers can sell and fulfill across any channel, provide seamless inventory management, and provide customers with a consistent and rich experience in store or online. Retailers can scale to meet fluctuating demand, and easily switch on eCom channels and marketplaces, whilst retaining consistent product information and rich brand experience.

GOC Retail specialises in integration across the entire retail system ecosystem – whether it’s POS and unified commerce solutions, OMS, ERP, eCom and marketplaces, CRM or in store network and payment solutions. 

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