Scorett steps into the future of retail with Sitoo on Android

The market-leading POS and unified commerce platform, Sitoo, has proved to be the perfect fit for Scandinavian footwear giant, Scorett.

From the minute Scorett – who have close to 100 stores – saw the Sitoo interface and the applications capabilities they were hooked with the solution now all set to be rolled out across Scorett’s stores.

“Sitoo is very easy to use, it has a great interface and its searchability is something I haven’t seen before in POS software,” says Markus Bengtsson, Supply Chain Manager at Scorett. “And, of course, it’s mobile and this was the key feature for us when we were looking for a new solution.

Sitoo is very easy to use, it has a great interface and its searchability is something I haven’t seen before in POS software.
– Markus Bengtsson, Supply Chain Manager at Scorett

“Typically, our stores only have one member of staff working in them. This person has to receive goods, manage inventory, run the store and serve the customers. With this in mind, having a fixed location for a POS behind the counter just wasn’t going to work anymore. It has to be mobile.

“What’s more, we have a substantial number of people who come into our stores but leave without buying anything. Our goal is to see if we can easily convert them into buying something rather than them just browsing. With Sitoo in place, our staff can now easily answer questions about our products and shorten the time it takes to close the deal with the customer.”

Other key factors in Scorett’s decision to choose Sitoo were the ease with which it integrates with other systems and handles cross-channel orders and the enhanced fulfillment options it brings. They are also planning on connecting their webshop with their stores to turn click and collect into a reality. This will be done using the pre-built Jetshop plugin for Sitoo. 

“With Sitoo our employees can easily find the shoe that the customers asked for, and see if it’s in store. If it’s not in the store, they can see if it’s in a store nearby. This works especially well in larger cities like Gothenburg and Stockholm and Malmo where we have more than one store.

Customers expect these kind of connected experiences today and, for us, it’s incredibly important we meet these expectations wherever customers see our logo.

Scorett will be the first Sitoo client to use the Android version of the app (running it on Zebra Technologies handheld TC21 devices and on Samsung tablets) and played an instrumental part in its development. Scorett saw specific benefits from using Android and wanted to find a supplier who could turn these benefits into a reality.

Peter Blomquist, Scorett CEO, adds: “We have just opened two fantastic new stores in Gothenburg and Mölndal, and all of us here are excited to see the impact Sitoo is going to have. We know it will empower our store associates to work more efficiently and effectively, and we’re confident it will help us deliver an improved level of service for our customers.”

We know it will empower our store associates to work more efficiently and effectively.
– Peter Blomquist, CEO at Scorett

Jens Levin, Sitoo co-founder and CEO, concludes: “This is a great moment for Sitoo as we go live with our first customer using the Android platform. Scorett has been instrumental in helping us develop the Android platform and some fantastic features within Sitoo like the new runner functionality.

“The Scorett team really understands the importance of a best-of-breed approach to retail software and seamlessly integrated solutions. We’re excited to see the impact Sitoo will have and are looking forward to helping Scorett succeed now and into the future.”

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