Innovation leads the way with Clas Fixare and Sitoo

In 2018, the leading Swedish retailer, Clas Ohlson, was given the exercise of devising and developing ways to ensure they will still be a successful retailer in 100 years time. One of the ideas arising from this exercise was ‘Clas Fixare’ – an on demand service that aims to give Clas Ohlson consumers a unique service, at home, from a brand they can trust.

Peter Olsson, C/O Partner Manager at Clas Ohlson SE, explains: “Right across Europe you’ll find every home has a ‘to do list’ in it. These lists are full of different jobs or tasks that need to be done in the home.”

“We found a gap in the market for services related to our products where people don’t have the time or expertise to deal with the task list themselves but, at the same time, the tasks aren’t big enough to require calling in a professional. This is where Clas Fixare comes in.”

Through Clas Ohlson’s native app, Clas Fixare offers loyalty customers the option to get reliable help from Clas Ohlson at home. From fixing broken appliances to assembling furniture or taking care of small home repairs, app users can take photos, record video and describe the task they need help with, pick a time they want it done and then Clas Fixare takes care of the rest.

To get the service up and running, Peter Olsson and his team needed a smooth, seamless Mobile Point of Sale solution for their mobile units which could be used when visiting customers’ homes.

Olsson adds: “We work closely with Klarna and it was through them we received the recommendation to try Sitoo’s solution. When we first met Sitoo, they told us ‘It’s no problem, we can do it,’ it seemed to good to be true. But, actually, it worked.

“Sitoo has built a fantastic platform and are very hungry and proactive to develop innovative solutions. That’s why we were able to launch this in January and get everything up and running in less than a week  – which was an incredible achievement.”

Jens Levin, CEO and founder of Sitoo, adds: “Innovation is something we breath and drives us. Working with Clas Ohlson, one of the most prominent retailers in the Nordics, to bring their highly innovative project to life is something that we take great pride in. We’ve been able to combine our agnostic technology with retail knowledge to deliver a solution that helps a great idea become reality.”

Retail system awards

Sitoo makes Retail System Awards shortlist once again

Sitoo has been recognized for its exceptional performance and innovative contributions to the retail sector and has been selected as a finalist for awards in three categories, building on its success from the previous year. The awards showcase the most notable and advanced technology within the retail industry.

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