‘Rocket fuelled’ implementation drives unified commerce forward for retailers

A new integration linking one of retail’s biggest ERPs to the market-leading unified commerce platform and retail POS means implementation can happen in minutes rather than months.

The integration app from Retail Central offers a ready-to-use solution that connects Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Sitoo, the cloud-native unified commerce platform and POS.

Thanks to the setup wizard, the app connects Business Central to Sitoo in a matter of minutes – a process that with traditional POS systems can take months. The app allows for full product synchronization between the two systems including detailed product information, images, multiple barcodes, prices and multiple currency price lists. The integration also covers sales and inventory synchronization. Store sales, inventory adjustments and statistics are always up to date and Z-reports are automatically imported to Business Central.

Furthermore, it supports an unlimited number of cash registers, multiple stores and multiple warehouses per store.

“With the assisted setup wizard it’s light speed implementation. You are up and running within minutes with product synchronization and sales from your store. It means you will start selling products from your store in no time,” says Anton Engstrand from Retail Central.

“The app is easy to use and allows you to handle one or many stores and mobile point of sales within Business Central. The app implements continuous synchronization between Sitoo POS and Business Central achieving updated statistics and inventory, a necessity for true omnichannel and unified commerce.”

“You can see in real-time how much stock you have, both in stores and in warehouses, meaning you can sell stock from all these channels and utilize your stock quantities in the best possible way. Real-time data also ensures you’re inventory is always completely up to date,” he adds.

Jens Levin, co-founder and CEO at Sitoo, adds: “This app has the potential to be a true game changer and radically improve implementation speed for our customers using Business Central who want to achieve true unified commerce.”

brothers sitoo partnership

Brothers – Welcome to the family!

With Sitoo now live in all Brothers stores, we can’t wait to see how Brothers take their already exemplary CX to even greater heights.

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