Real-time data across all your touchpoints

Provide a customer-centric experience with unified product, inventory, order and customer data across all your sales channels.

The Retail Platform Powering Sitoo POS

Built with game-changing cloud-native technology our platform is designed for seamless integration, enabling Unified Commerce with real-time data across all sales channels.

Higher Customer Demands

Shopping is cross-channel. Almost all retail spend is influenced by a store and almost all in-store shopping is influenced by online. Your customers want all prices, stock levels, orders, and the information you hold on them to be unified which requires all your systems to work together in harmony.

Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce is when all sales channels exchange product, inventory, order and customer data in real time. With one truth and full transparency across all touchpoints you can provide a unified experience for customers regardless of channel. The Sitoo solution makes this a reality.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

With real-time Endless Aisle and unified stock capabilities, we help you amplify in-store, cross store and cross channel fulfillment possibilities. Easily integrate to eCom and Marketplaces to visualize in-store stocks online, activate click and collect and handle online returns in store. Use store inventory to support online order fulfillment or, if needed, turn your stores into mini fulfillment centers or dark stores.

Real-Time Inventory Management

With a single real-time view of all in-store, online and ‘elsewhere’ inventory and built-in inventory management tools, we make it easier for retailers to improve accuracy, maximize inventory availability and minimize excess inventory. Unified stock allows you to optimize stock flows and deliver on all omnichannel scenarios to provide your customers with a unified shopping experience.

Multiple Warehouse Management

Sitoo allows for multiple warehouse entities per store, generally defined as sellable, non-sellable and reclaim. Decide if a specific sellable warehouse should be available, or just visible, through other stores or online sales channels. To simplify cross-store sales you can also designate “nearby stores”. The Retail Platform enables a unified view for retail management, store associates and customers across all channels.

Enhanced Product Information in Real Time

Real-time synchronization ensures you have the same information everywhere and that changes made are instant in all channels. Through seamless integration, enhanced master product data can be provided through a third party system. Product information, images, VAT and Sales Tax groups and more can also be managed through the Retail Platform.

Unified Customer and Order Data

The platform allows you to track order status across channels and communicate seamlessly with other retail systems. With a 360° view of your customer’s order history and their interaction with your brand, you can always connect with your customers in a relevant way. Deliver great service, boost up sales and turn cross-channel returns into exchanges, always making sure the customer gets what they want.

Price and Promotion Management

The Retail Platform provides a promotion engine supporting a wide variety of campaign types like cart, product, bundle, mix & match and influencer codes. Campaigns can be connected to a specific pricelist and be defined as central or local. With an integrated loyalty program, discounts and promotions can be linked to certain member groups or even be personalized. The possibilities are immense.

Real-time Insights & Reports

Make business decisions based on data. Pull real-time data via Sitoo REST API and/or configure localized reports in the Backoffice. To help boost teamwork and individual performance, you can also set up customized dashboards for your sales associates. You’ll also save time and prevent mistakes with automated Z-reports and coding.

Global Platform & Compliance

Sitoo supports local languages and currencies, and is adapted to local legal requirements in more than 40 countries. Among them are the laws of Sweden, Norway and Germany – who have the strictest regulations in the world. We’re trusted by retailers in Europe, North America, Middle-East and Asia Pacific and constantly adapt and evolve to meet different retailers’ needs as we enter new markets.

Game-changing Technology

With all updates included, super easy integration, dynamic scalability, little to no maintenance and high level performance and security – we use the advantages of cloud-native technology, making retail operations time and cost efficient. Store associates can install the POS system and manage upgrades themselves. As a retailer you should ask yourself – can you afford to rely on a legacy solution?

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The Evolution is Included

Continuous POS and Platform upgrades, and new functionality is made available for everyone through SaaS. With only one version there are no version discrepancies. All retailers using Sitoo operate on exactly the same solution.

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Future-proof Solution

In one decade the solution you are using will not be one decade old – it will automatically be one decade better. Driven by retailers and our passion for innovation, our development will ensure you’re never left behind.

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Designed for Integration

With an API First approach, the Retail Platform is built for communicating with other systems to exchange all real-time data needed to deliver Unified Commerce. The platform ensures rapid and cost efficient implementation.

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Sitoo REST API provides programmatic access to the Retail Platform and it ensures simplicity and freedom. Our ambition is for our highly scalable cloud architecture to provide the most powerful and easy-to-use REST API in the market.

Dynamic Scalability

The cloud-native Sitoo Platform is resilient and it automatically scales in response to changing demand. The system dynamically adapts to an increasing number of stores, Points of Sale and high transaction volumes.

Performance & Availability

The performance is the same whether you have one or several thousand Points of Sale. With real-time data being stored both on local devices and in the cloud, and the POS being able to operate offline, the Platform operates with 99.9%+ uptime.

Your Success is Our Success

Retail Experts

With the help of our team of retail experts, integration specialists, system architects and project managers, we guarantee you superior and efficient onboarding. Alongside our well tested processes and guides, our team will be with you through every step helping you reach unified commerce in the best way.

Speed of Implementation

Our technology enables speed of implementation and fast roll-out. Our team will guide, train and consult you, but the goal is always as-fast-as-possible-onboarding while maintaining quality. We provide best practices for efficient onboarding but we always try to figure out what works best for each customer.

Store Support 24/7

A solution oriented support team is on hand alongside an extensive support site with comprehensive user guides. Sitoo provides various service level agreements and our frontline phone support is available when the stores are open as well as out of normal office hours, and always backed up by 2nd and 3rd line experts.

Retail Success Managers

We have a team of Retail Success Managers dedicated to help our customers make the best use of our Retail Platform and its Retail POS. They share their expertise and experiences between customers and they work with retailers to gather feedback that helps shape the future of our product roadmap.

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