Sitoo & Vemco partnership promises to unlock the potential of data-driven retail

Sitoo partner with Vemco

As each year goes by, data in retail takes on an even greater importance. Today, forward thinking retailers use rich streams of data to forecast shopping behavior, create personalized marketing campaigns, optimize business operations, manage staffing levels, improve supply chain efficiency, analyze footfall and much more.

The more data a retailer has – and the better they understand this data – the more actionable insights into their operations, facilities and customers they get. Using data to make better decisions can help retailers get the edge in a highly competitive market.

The potential to use data to understand shopping behaviors is set to take a huge leap forward thanks to a new partnership between unified commerce platform and POS provider, Sitoo, and Vemco, one of the leaders in visitor counting and in-site analytics.

Anel Turkanovic, the CEO from Vemco Group, says: “The  Sitoo integration gives us real-time transaction data and possibility to combine our customer tracking maps with live sales for individual customers. Retailers using Vemcount customer tracking module can now visualize visitor path across store combined with live sales data, dwell time, category, passersby as well as fitting room and sales conversions rate.

“It’s a rich universe of data that gives retailers the power to optimize their operations and make better decisions. Now, retailers will be able to take this to the next level thanks to the integration we’ve set up with Sitoo.”

Now, retailers will be able to take this to the next level thanks to the integration we’ve set up with Sitoo.
– Anel Turkanovic, CEO at Vemco Group

By combining footfall data with point of sale data, retailers will be able to see the physical journey their customers go on and the purchases that are the result of that journey.

Jens Levin, co-founder and CEO of Sitoo, adds: “Harnessing the power of data is the future of retail. At Sitoo, openness of our software development is a religion and that’s why we’re able to integrate so well with partners like Vemco. With our solutions operating in tandem, I’m confident we can help retailers paint a vivid picture of how their customers interact with their stores and how this converts to sales.”

brothers sitoo partnership

Brothers – Welcome to the family!

With Sitoo now live in all Brothers stores, we can’t wait to see how Brothers take their already exemplary CX to even greater heights.

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