Sitoo and SameSystem partner up to help retailers harness the power of real-time data

Sitoo partnering with SameSystem

Two of the Nordics’ most ambitious retail software companies are partnering up to empower global retailers to make better decisions with powerful real-time data.

Unified commerce platform and POS provider, Sitoo, have teamed up with retail workforce management solution giant, SameSystem, as part of a SameSystem ‘dream suite’ of best-of-breed software solutions for retailers.

The move will give retailers the data they need to make better decisions, helping improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

The Dream Suite for Retailers.
– Mikael Christensen, CSO at SameSystem

“We don’t just want to be a generic workforce management system, we want to be a complete retail workforce solution,” says Mikael Christensen, CSO at SameSystem. “In 2020 we started a project called The Dream Suite for Retailers where we find the best partners in the industry.

“We knew we wanted to include a POS system and Sitoo is the perfect fit. There’s great synergy between us and Sitoo, one of the world’s most modern and best POS systems. With this integration retailers can use transaction volume, average basket size and other data from Sitoo to forecast down to an hourly level exactly how many employees need to be in store to serve the customer flow.”

We knew we wanted to include a POS system and Sitoo is the perfect fit.
– Mikael Christensen, CSO at SameSystem

Through integrating the two systems and developing a commercial partnership, Sitoo and SameSystem will be able to work closely together to help more and more retailers harness the power of industry-leading software solutions.

Mikael adds: “Retailers want data from different systems in sync, all the time. They want all the data in one system, in real-time, so they get the best insights and make data-driven decisions. It’s super important for them right now, especially after COVID, because they need to be making better decisions and ensure their salary expenses are being spent on the right people at the right time.”

Jens Levin, co-founder and CEO of Sitoo, adds: “Data in retail – and using it to its full potential – is everything. With access to real-time data, retailers have better control and they don’t need to make decisions based on best guesses or hunches. What we’re doing with SameSystem is giving retailers the complete set of best-of-breed solutions they need to optimise their performance and productivity while, at the same time, providing a better experience for the customer. It’s a hugely exciting time and we know the industry will be just as excited about this partnership as we are.”

brothers sitoo partnership

Brothers – Welcome to the family!

With Sitoo now live in all Brothers stores, we can’t wait to see how Brothers take their already exemplary CX to even greater heights.

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