About Sitoo

Sitoo is a world-leading Unified Commerce Platform anchored by a Point of Sale for global, fashion and lifestyle retailers.

Sitoo began life as an eCommerce platform but realized what the industry truly needed was a scalable solution to bring together physical and digital retail – and make Unified Commerce a reality.

Today, Sitoo is a cloud-native Unified Commerce Platform anchored by a Point of Sale for global, fashion and lifestyle retailers. The game-changing solution enables retailers to unify all stores and online sales channels in real time, and empower store associates to deliver a seamless cross-channel customer experience.

With the same real-time information across all touchpoints, retailers can sell and fulfill everything anywhere and handle returns everywhere. Resulting in exceeded customer expectations, never-missed sales and streamlined inventory management.

The innovative technology accommodates all the flexibility and cost efficiency that comes with a cloud-native platform and microservice architecture. The solution also allows for customization without interfering with the codebase.

Being a true API-first company, Sitoo enables easy integration and speed of implementation. Cloud-native SaaS makes the solution future-proof, with continuous updates being included and automatically made available for all retailers using Sitoo.

The POS is compliant in 40+ countries and trusted by 300+ brands and retail chains in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and North America, with Sitoo constantly expanding its reach across the globe.

Sitoo is a fast growing Swedish tech company with offices in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK.

Sitoo Stockholm, Sweden


Regeringsgatan 25
111 53 Stockholm

Phone +46-8-5000 93 00

Sitoo Aarhus, Denmark


Inge Lehmans Gade 10
8000 Aarhus C

Sitoo Birmingham, United Kingdom


55 Colmore Row
Birmingham B3
 United Kingdom

Phone +44-20-7971 1093

Sitoo Amsterdam, The Netherlands


c/o Singel 542
1017 AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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